Why do we do it ?

Matt explained how he and his wife were inspired to plan and organise this ambitious event: “We have a family tradition that we set a spare place set at our Christmas table, either for someone who passed away that year or for a stranger passing by. Some time ago, our daughter Mia-Isabella said that it was silly to have an empty place when there was always food left over. She suggested that we offer the place to someone alone and elderly, or homeless. So four years ago we did just that, still keeping an empty place to meet our tradition, and we subsequently shared our Christmas lunches with three strangers. Then last year our daughter pointed out that there must be other people who would like to be invited and it was then that my wife Marta suggested a Christmas Day lunch in the Jacobs Well Village Hall, which has a capacity of 100.” Matt, who owns a computer business, said he thoroughly enjoys cooking and finds it relaxing, but admitted with a smile that he had never cooked for such a large number of guests before.

Why do people come ?

Because they may otherwise be alone at Christmas, Because spending Christmas at home may be difficult for some, following a bereavement for example. Because thery may want to do something different Because they want to share the true meaning of Christmas with others. Because they may not have a home Because they are a student and away from family and friends